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new feature : all instances page, tree view

Question asked by mdaviot on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by mdaviot

A project in my company will use Activiti Explorer to have monitoring on the processes. They have suggested some improvement to implement.

I have started to implement it and wanted to share with the community to get your feedback : is it valuable for the other projects using Activiti ? would you like to contribute (at least test it in your context) ?

The feature is a new page, Process > All Instances, only visible to an admin user.

It contains all instances of processes (not only instances owned by the current user as in "my instances" page).
The processes are grouped in a tree by process definition, and subprocesses are visible under the calling process.

Here is the pull request with this implementation.

I am not a Vaadin expert so there might be some glitches …

Remaining to implement :

* pagination in case of a high volume of process instances
* filtering based on business key, date and process definition