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SchemaCreation considering TablePrefix

Question asked by catandgrep on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by jkronegg
Hi folks,

is there a need for extending DbSchema creation routines to take care of the table prefix and database schema? The current release does not allow schema creation with prefixes by the activiti engine. Instead admins need to manually create/update all the tables.

It would be quiet handy, to start a dedicated engine (e.g. with non-tx data source) and execute multiple schema creations through the management service for different runtime engines (e.g. for different tenants in larger activiti scenarios).

Is there any special reason why schema creation was not parameterized yet? If not I would contribute the change, but i would might need some help to test it on all databases. Most part of the change would go into DbSqlSession and (due to additional placeholders) to the schema sql files.

The management service of course already has the functionality to trigger schema creation/update, but without prefix.

Tell me what you think.