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Re: History performance (and the usefulness of level 'none')

Question asked by sazzadul on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by jbarrez

      I just wanted to share our experience with activiti which we have been running in our production environment for over an half year now with several hundred processes each day being processed and the performance is not an issue at all. Our processes are really very complex.

      We use history level activity and it caused us some trouble initially then we did a sql analysis of our database(oracle) and found the exact query which was most expensive and then added indexes on act_hi_actinst (ACT_ID_ and EXECUTION_ID_) and the problem just dissapeared.

          FROM (SELECT *
                  FROM act_hi_actinst hai
                 WHERE hai.execution_id_ = :1
                   AND hai.act_id_ = :2
                   AND hai.end_time_ IS NULL) a
         WHERE ROWNUM < :3)
WHERE rnum >= :4

       Hope this would also help you in your way to evaluating activiti as process engine.