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Activiti_Explorer not refreshing menu entries as expected

Question asked by jon.k. on Nov 16, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by udoderk
Hi I have an issue with Activiti-Explorer and I hope someone can help.  Firstly Acitiviti's a great product and well done to all those involved in the dev' of the s/w.  However I have an issue that I'm unable to fix within the Activiti-Explorer web application regarding the refreshing of tasks queued.  Although the problem does not stop the software from operating in any capacity it must be noted whilst I as a developer can get by but the same cannot be said the final users of the software who are are not developers and this poses quite an issue [when|if] the software is to be used in a production environment.

I'll try and explain it as best as I can…

    1. A user, belonging to group A and B, completes a task with the following task only valid for group B
    2. As expected Queued[0] does not update with the current number of jobs waiting for group B but remains constant.
    3. Forcing the software to refresh (F5 does not work in this instance) by clicking a menu entry or moving the screen away and causing the software to internally to refresh causes the entry to appear correctly.  The menu now reads Queued[1] with the submenu indicating that a job has been added.
    4. Clicking on the appropriate entry in the drop down list under the Queued[0] menu before forcing a refresh brings up the job at hand even though the job is not indicated as being queued

Any help to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.