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Future of Activiti Modeler

Question asked by stephen1 on Nov 18, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by lspellman

I've just started using Activiti platform and I'm hoping to get it in place for a large scale project in work. I was hoping to promote this tool to our business analysts, but they have zero inclination to use Eclipse, so using the plug-in is out of the question for them.

I know that the activiti-modeler is no longer shipped with the core platform. I was wondering if there was a plan to ship a new modeler web app in the future or are you going to focus primarily on the Eclipse plugin-in?

My concern is that the activiti-modeler will no longer be supported and take advantage of any features you bring to Activiti in the future.

The alternative is obviously to purchase the commercial version of the tool, I just wanted to know what my options were before proposing anything to the business.