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Receive Task - Error Handling

Question asked by cpiepel on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by cpiepel
hi folks,

we would do some kind of error handling in our process.
We have a sequence of service task, that does some async stuff (send a jms message), then we have a receive task that waits for answer of the async. service call.
If the service call is successful we complete the receive task.
Execution execution = runtimeService.createExecutionQuery().processInstanceId(processId).activityId(receiveActivityId).singleResult();
runtimeService.signal(execution.getId(), processVariablesMap);

After that we have some more service task –> receive Task sequences.

But if the async. call does not succeed we get a message and then we want to do something like
runtimeService.signal(execution.getId(),    BPMNError("code","message"));

How can we do that an is is possible to register Errorhandler to the process ?

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Thanks for help.