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Extending Activiti Designer Using Plugins

Question asked by apache_fan on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2012 by m2spring
I am trying to extend the Activiti designer by utilizing the PaletteExtensionProvider extension point. I am creating my own plugin for this purpose. For my requirement I cannot extend the designer by following the steps given here (

I have to go the plugin path.

I am fairly new to Eclipse PDE and am still trying to wrap my head around the whole process. Here are the steps that I am following -

Question 1 -

public class MyCustomPaletteProvider implements IPaletteProvider {

   public List<CustomServiceTaskDescriptor> provide() {
      CustomServiceTaskDescriptor customServiceTaskDescriptor= new CustomServiceTaskDescriptor(AcmeMoneyTask.class, "Acme Money Task",[b]jarPath[/b]);
      return customServiceTaskDescriptors;

Probably a dumb question but what I am trying to understand is how I should provide the jar path in the final argument since I am just trying to run the plugin from my Eclipse using Run As - > Eclipse Application?

Question 2 -

I want to hide some palettes from getting displayed. Is there a way I can do this from my plugin extension Point?

Any thoughts as to how I can achieve the above?