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Copy active executions to different db

Question asked by mpradny on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by trademak

we want to copy active executions (and all related data) to different database. Is there some way that activiti API can help us? I have found API pro deleting, but not for copying. The selection key would be deployment.

We have shared workflow engine for multiple applications with multiple processes. Now we want to copy data for one of those application into our test environment, so users can test new release and we can test instance migration. Since we have execution ids in business data in separate database, we need to keep them.

Only way how I can imagine this is to split workflow engines and have separate database tables for each application. Then we would be able to simply copy database that is used just for the application. Split can be done quite easily, is we copy full current db and then delete deployments that are not related to current app.

Is anyone doing Live -> Test environment copies with Activiti?