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Delete broken process/process migration

Question asked by unknown-user on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by unknown-user
Hi all,

I've refactored some of our domain classes, which now reside in a different package.
One of our processes contains a business rules task, which in turn contains in its rules imports for the former package structure of the domain classes.
I've refactored and deployed the process model/rules to match the new package structure of the domain classes.

In order to migrate the running process instances, I intend to delete the old ones using runtimeService.deleteProcessInstance() and restart them (using the newly deployed model).

However, when I call runtimeService.deleteProcessInstance(), the Activiti engine (after a restart of my app server) tries to redeploy the old version of the process, which in case of the business rules task leads to a 'could not parse knowledge' Exception, because the associated rules (of the old process version) contain the imports for the old package structure.

Is there a "brute-force" way to kill running process instances to overcome this issue?