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REST, parsing definition, activity properties

Question asked by iam on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by iam
In REST I want to get all activities and their properties of the definition. But there is any problem for getting some parameters.

I get properties from activity (instance of ActivityImpl) and there is in activity.getProperties() property "timerDeclarations".
Then I try to get all parameters of this timerDeclaration, but it's impossible to get expression of this one.
Expression (for example "${PT1H}") stored in description of the timerDeclaration, but there isn't getter for it.

And, if I get activity behavior and this is instanceof SequentialMultiInstanceBehavior then a want to get innerActivityBehavior (for getting properties of callActivityBehavior for example), there isn't getter for innerActivityBehavior in the SequentialMultiInstanceBehavior.
P.S. In callActivityBehavior I need to get process definiton key.

Is there another way? Or it needs to add getters for this objects?