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Completed tasks not Archived

Question asked by vamsi25 on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by sunitanayak83

I deployed and started the process using java class.When the user claims the task and completes it,then its not showing in archived folder.There are couple of scenearios ive tested

for candidateGroups  and  potential owner in bpmn xml  if i use activiti:formProperty for both types of assigning

complete tasks are not shown in archive.if i dont use formProperty then it shows in archived

Below is my bpmn xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<definitions xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:activiti="" xmlns:bpmndi="" xmlns:omgdc="" xmlns:omgdi="" typeLanguage="" expressionLanguage="" targetNamespace="">

        <process id="bookorder" name="Order book">
                <startEvent id="startevent1" name="Start"/>
                <sequenceFlow id="sequenceflow1" name="Validate order" sourceRef="startevent1" targetRef="scripttask1"/>
                <scriptTask id="scripttask1" name="Validate order" scriptFormat="groovy">
                                out:println "validating order for isbn " + isbn;
                <sequenceFlow id="sequenceflow2" name="Sending to sales" sourceRef="scripttask1" targetRef="usertask1"/>
                <userTask id="usertask1" name="Work on order" activiti:candidateGroups="sales">
                        <documentation>book order user task</documentation>
        <activiti:formProperty id="isbn" name="isbn"  writable="false"/>
                <sequenceFlow id="sequenceflow3" name="Ending process" sourceRef="usertask1" targetRef="endevent1"/>
                <endEvent id="endevent1" name="End"/>