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Conditional Transition

Question asked by dognose on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by jbarrez

I want certain tasks to become active, if certain Attributes are set.
i.e. if a user ticks the checkbox "requiresValidation" a validationTask should be started, after the prior task is completed.

[task1] ——————-> [task2]

In the designer, I added the following conditions to the both outgoing paths of task1:
direct path: #{!requiresValidation}
validation path: #{requiresValidation}

But this doesn't work. I assume the problem ist, that activiti is storing the value of a checkbox as a string.
I also tried #{requiresValidation eq true}

no matter what i put in there, it will ALWAYS be "true" and both tasks are started at the same time.

doing the same with a (manually) declared process variable of type boolean works.