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Is activiti:formKey really necessary?

Question asked by mariusz.cwikla on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by trademak
I started to use Activiti just recently and I find it easiest to use. I love it's simplicity and OSGi support that I couldn't find in competetive engines.
Since I'm new to Activiti and BPMN, I have a simple question from the topic: is activiti:formKey attribute really necessary? Can't I just use id attribute to check what form should I display?
First of all, I use my own rendering engine and use Activiti API for all workflow management.
Let's say, that I have following process:

[startEvent] —> [EnterPersonDataTask] —> [EnterPersonAddressesTask] —> [EndEvent]

Each task is userTask and has it's own form.
A task could be written as:
<userTask id="EnterPersonDataTask" name="Enter person data" activiti:formKey="EnterPersonDataForm"/>

Right now I use task.getTaskDefinitionKey() to get id of a task and based on that id I show appropriate form to the user. In other words, you can say that I have 1-1 relation between task id's and my form's id's. So according to this I could just use such task instead of previous one:
<userTask id="EnterPersonDataTask" name="Enter person data"/>
and have a little bit less configuration, that could be important when using large processes.

Can't that suffice? What are use cases that state that I should use formKey instead of id?

Thanks in advance for any help!