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Question asked by klimperos on Dec 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by trademak

HATEOAS seems to have picked up steam, especially now with the endorsement of the good people at VMWare aka Spring: , the new Spring HATEOAS project, and now ROCA ( which has some interesting assertions about how to use hypermedia to drive front-end state transitions.

Having implemented a few workflow processes with Activiti, to-date, the above has left my wondering how Activiti fits in to the fully-RESTful universe. Would HATEOAS front-ends have a side-effect of driving an Activiti process through its REST interface? How then would RESTful "resource state" relate to Activiti process state? Is this a case of "well, you can do it, but good luck to the developer"? If so, does some kind of tighter integration between Activiti and a HATEOAS app that might come out of, for instance, Spring MVC and Spring HATEOAS make sense?

Also, in the parallel universe of Single Page Apps, dozens of .js libs, Node.js, and noSQL, does RESTful integration with Activiti make sense or do such apps tend to satisfy a less sophisticated problem space?

Thank you.