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Possible bug in custom icons management

Question asked by alessiogiori on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2012 by alessiogiori
Good morning,

I'm currently involved in the development of some Custom Tasks with Activiti designer.
Every works fine except one thing.

1. Create several custom tasks
2. Customize the palette
3. Create the .jar
4. Import the library
5. Use the new tasks

Until here everything is ok.
But if I create a new BPMN with the custom tasks and then I save it, then close and reopen it.
The little icons on the upper-left corner of the tasks are wrong. I'll explain better, every task displays the same icon which is the icon associated to the first task of the list of the custom tasks.

Any suggestion on how to solve this issue?
I hope that the problem is clear enough, if not please ask.
Sincerely, Alessio.