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Activiti Designer 5.11.0 released

Question asked by trademak on Dec 28, 2012
Hi all,

Activiti Designer 5.11.0 is released.

This release includes a big refactoring of the BPMN parsing and export logic and the underlying BPMN POJO model. Since we have the activiti-bpmn-model and activiti-bpmn-converter projects in the Activiti project we now have one foundation for parsing for the Activiti Engine, Modeler and Designer. The Modeler and Designer in addition also use the BPMN XML export logic.

In addition to this refactoring the 5.11.0 release also contains a couple of new features (message boundary events, made custom service tasks a first class citizen so you can add execution listeners and other service task functionality), and some bug fixes.

Because the foundation of the Designer is now replaced with the Activiti BPMN model and converter projects we are very eager to have you test this version and report any bugs found in our JIRA. Hope you'll enjoy using this new release.

Best regards,