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Samples in 5.11 Issue

Question asked by ginni on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2013 by trademak
I am working through the Activiti in Action book from 2012. I successfully ran the BookOrderTest JUnit test and saw the appropriate output in the console. I am running tomcat 7 locally and have deployed the activiti-explorer.war there. When I look however, I do not see the task in the explorer. I have followed the book carefully and do not see where I may have missed some configuration step or other. Any ideas?

When I try to build the project (mvn clean install) and run the tests provided, I get to FourEyesTest and then the test fails. This is the first error thrown:

Exception while invoking TaskListener: Assignee of task firstTask is not allowed to claim this task

Then, a bit further down, I see:

LDAP connection open failure.

I am not sure if these issues are related to the fact that my task does not show up in the activiti explorer. When I just run the one test, I get no errors such as these.