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Signalling process fails intermittently

Question asked by wslade on Jan 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by mmaker1234
We have been using the runtimeService signal method within a JMS queue receiver.

We have found over time that the execution we are signalling does not seem to always have been persisted. (Since looking at the code the signal lookup is simply a getDbSqlSession().selectById())

Initially we put a backoff and retry algorithm in place and found that typically a wait of 1 second and one or two retries was sufficient. However sometimes we find that we can reach up to 10 retries which is our max.

We dont wont to increase the retry limit as 10s seems perfectively reasonable especially since this is occuring in single use test machine and that this may be simply hiding a different problem.

When checking the activit database we do find the process persisted. However since there is not a "creation date" column it is not possible to find when the row was actually written. This would be a great addition to the schema.

So should we just increase our retry or look some where else for a related problem?