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How to get to the EngineServices from a service task

Question asked by srobinson on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by srobinson
I am currently using Alfresco 4.0.e which has Activiti 5.7 deployed with it.  I have a need within a service task to get access to the TaskService to query user tasks in the existing process instance.  I see how to do it in Activiti 5.11 (its quite simple), but in Activiti 5.7 the same methods are not present in the DelegateExecution interface that is passed to the service class.  Any assistance on this is greatly appreciated.

Also, as a side note, how difficult is it to upgrade the Activiti engine in Alfresco?  Are there any whitepapers or wikis that I can take a look at?


- Shannon