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How can I update data in Activiti DB upgrades?

Question asked by frauke on Jan 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by trademak
Hello everybody,

something I miss in the Activitiy database upgrades is a data transfer of the old data into the new format, i.e. into the new table ACT_HI_VARINST. Since it is a history table I do not want to lose the data. Have you any suggestions how to migrate the data, for this case and generelly for future cases?

We translate the upgrade scripts into Liquibase (Apache licenced), which is highly recommendable since it is database independant. Wouldn't it be a nice idea for Activiti too? I even detected some discrepancies in your scripts for the different databases, i.e. sometimes the ID_ field is nullable and sometimes not. You could avoid that using Liquibase. We even could consider to provide our Liquibase scripts to you: we have them for each version from the very beginning  ;)

Best regards