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Activiti file to Bpmn file migration

Question asked by marekb on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by ronald.van.kuijk

You mention in "Activiti Designer 5.9.0 released" post as follows:
To migrate your current diagrams to the new Activiti Designer release you only have to copy the .bpmn20.xml file and rename it to a .bpmn file. So actually there's no migration

Is it a way to do this automatically (*.activiti file to *.bpmn file)?

Currently we based on Activiti Designer 5.8.1. We have custom process repository where we store only *.activiti files.

According to use Activiti Designer 5.11.1 we have to migrate these files. And we don't wont to do this by hand.

We can create simple app which get *.activiti file from repository, do some magic to generate *.bpmn file and save it in the repository.

So, the question is how to do 'some magic'.

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