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Update Process Design on Runtime

Question asked by erensimsek on Jan 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by martin.grofcik

We designed a process and deployed to activiti.. The process has many recieve tasks and timer boundary events..
We started many porcess instance. We found a bug in process design and we ant to change it. We change the pocess design and deploy new process diagram to activiti again.. We update all process design with this query

update activiti.act_ge_bytearray agb
   set agb.bytes_ =
      (select agb.bytes_
          from activiti.act_ge_bytearray agb
         where agb.name_ = 'Example.bpmn20.xml'
           and agb.deployment_id_ =
               (select max(to_number(agb.deployment_id_))
                  from activiti.act_ge_bytearray agb
                 where agb.name_ = 'Example.bpmn20.xml'))
where agb.name_ = 'Example.bpmn20.xml';

At the end,  we have to restart to activiti engine for re-cache the XML content..

Is there anyway update the process designs with activiti api.?

Thank you..