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Identity management - Overriding Role and capability support

Question asked by kethur on Jan 23, 2013
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Hi All,

I understand the Activiti's identity service to customize the authentication so it suits individual authentication requirements. 

I have a requirement;
-> A task should be dynamically assigned to the user/group (May be i can get around with ${userName} in the candidate user field).  Please confirm.

-> I need to assign a task to a particular group (dynamic candidate group) but, I want the task to go to only people who have certain roles(eg: "AUTHORISER") and certain capabilities(eg: "GRANT_ACCESS") within the group.

I presume i need to implement this functionality in one of the following classes but which class method i need to add this functionality?  I need to pass 3 parameters, GroupName, Role, Capability to that method.

Many thanks,