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Parallel Tasks Problem in 5.11

Question asked by santharamselva on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by frederikheremans1

  Please any one help me on the following issue, what I am getting.

  I have created one parallel process, please see the url "" to refer the attached process diagram. When I start the process , its creating 2 tasks with different "Execution Id" and same "Process Instance Id" in "act_ru_tasks table". Then , I completed the one of the user task using activiti API RuntimeService.complete(taskId,variables). Now, I need to get the variables for next user task in the another lane. So, I used RuntimeServices.getVariables(executionId) API to get the variables, but I got, first lane UserTask variable values in second UserTask Lane. As per the diagram, I got a values of "Mobile Details" in "User Details". By, the way in the act_ru_variable and act_hi_varinst tables its saved execution_id_ and proc_inst_id_ or same as proc_inst_id_ of parent process id_.

  Is it right or not? if , it is right , how do I handle variable values in different lane differently but with same variable name.