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Completing a task within a listener

Question asked by marcthomas2012 on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by jbarrez

I have a requirement where we need to launch up to 3 processes from within a "parent" process (See attachment). I was using the parallel flow to do this, and there is a listener triggered by the task create event on "Sub Process 1", "Sub Process 2" and "Sub Process 3". However, because the requirement is up to 3 processes I need to ensure that any of the Sub Process tasks that don't need to launch a process complete straight away. I was trying to do this within a listener but it isn't possible because the task hasn't fully been created yet.

The "Sub Process" doesn't have a user assigned to it, so that it effectively halts the workflow. When the launched sub processes complete they have the functionality to complete the task that launched them.

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to solve this problem of launching up to 3 processes or how I could complete the task that a task listener is currently running within.

p.s. It seems I'm not allowed to upload the file. Basically it shows a process with 3 user tasks coming off a parallel gateway, then returning to a parallel gateway and ending the workflow.