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Framework to create bpmn xml - jdom, stax vs. velocity

Question asked by udoderk on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by udoderk
Hi users of activiti,

i need to generate the bpmn xml to deploy to activiti using the given other model of business process. I use the jdom to create it. Someone has suggested to replace the jdom and use the…. apache velocity. I have no experience with that framework, but as i have seen, that velocity is required (extra template, that use script language, initializing to create the java objects from template etc.), I think that velocityis less suited to create xml.

Of course you can say that JDOM is not best choice (it can stax and not jdom used). But the velocity has (imho) no possibilities, that have the jdom or stax & Co.)

What do you think about it?

Other question is what is used to create xml bpmn in activiti desinger?