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Deceased support for Exclusive Gateway 'default' transition

Question asked by mmaker1234 on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by leggebroten
Hello Activiti Designer developers,

Recently we tried to deploy in an Activiti 5.11 engine a process definition developed with Activiti Designer 5.11.1 and received the following message:
WARNING: Exclusive Gateway has outgoing sequence flow 'flow31' condition which is not the default flow. We assume it to be the flow, but it is bad modeling practice, better set the default in your gateway. | MyProcess.bpmn | line 0 | column 0
Yesterday we reviewed the process definition in Activiti Designer 5.11.2 and realized that there is an Exclusive Gateway with two outgoing transitions - one with a condition and another one (flow31) without condition. The "default" property of the Exclusive Gateway was not set. We set the property and saved the file. Then we compared the file to the source repository and found that there are … no differences.

Today we tried to set the property on the dev.env. of the process developer (Activiti Designer 5.11.1). The result was the same - there was no change in the BPMN file.

Then I tried to change the property on my environment - Activiti Designer 5.10.0. The property was set and stored to the file.

Please revive the deceased functionality.