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How to attach a form to Task and submit the form data

Question asked by on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2013 by jbarrez
Hi Team,

I read the user guide from below link –

I also downloaded the activity 5.11 and deployed the activity-explorer in tomcat 6. It is successfully deployed and running

Additionally I would like to inform you that a I have created  small workflow/process and deployed in tomcat and it is running –

My custom work flow is very small –

1.   Start-event  User task  end event
2.   A Listener (TaskListener) is added as an listener into the user task.
3.   It is noticed the notify()  of the my custom listeners is executed while “start process” link is clicked

Now I want to create Form (using built-in form properties) and attached to User process so that it can be open while process will be started. I also need to know how do I get the from data and also how to delegate the form data to the next Task

Please provide tutorial and sample example for the same.

Thanks In advance