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Activiti expression in formproperty not working

Question asked by araghuraman on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by trademak
The following mapping from form property variable to expression does not seem to work:
<userTask id="task">
    <activiti:formProperty id="street" expression="#{address.street}" required="true" />
My address POJO 's fields are all public and also has getters/setters for these fields.
I complete the usertask in Java thus:
HashMap<String,Object> taskParams = new HashMap<String,Object>();
taskParams.put("street","Main Street");
formService.submitTaskFormData(task.getId(), taskParams);   
but address.street does not have the value "Main Street"
Is something wrong with my code or can you please suggest an alternative?