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Authorization Levels to Tasks

Question asked by fcauti on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by fcauti

I have to define the access policy of my workflow where some tasks have to be editable by a group, only readable by another and hidden to the others.
So, I need not only the concept of assignee of tasks, that is normally read/write mode, but also the concept of viewer.

I do not find in the API how to specify these different levels of authorizations.
I can retrieve all tasks assigned to the group which I belong to, so it is ok for edit and step forward the process; but how to retrieve tasks that I have only to display?

I could retrieve all tasks of all other groups and display them harcoding all the policy restrictions in my application, but it would not be flexible nor clear for the high level users.
It would be great to have beside "assignee" and "candidate" also "viewer" in the Task properties.