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Maintaining state of object in activiti workflow

Question asked by vndube on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by vndube

We have requirement of workflow where it needs to pass through Create/Edit, QC and Approve steps.
When a creator creates a product, based on workflow definition it has to go to QC/Reviewers and then accordingly it will be forwarded to approvers. Once an approver approves the product then only the product has to be published for a use.
Similarly it applies for edit -any changes done will only be visible when it completes this cycle, otherwise last published data will be applicable.

Here we are thinking to store product object with workflow itself till it gets approved.
In this case, we are only worried, if product object contain 500 attributes, how the activiiti workflow will be efficient to manage this kind of object.

Otherwise any other design, please do suggest.

Thanks in advance.