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Changes to Start/End Event logging - Logging Policy?

Question asked by gwaptiva on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by gwaptiva

To unit test my workflows, I use the HistoryService's HistoricActivityInstance list to ascertain that the path followed by a workflow is as expected. Now, in v5.9 and before, using the default setting, the workflow's passing through start and end events was not logged. Then, after upgrading to v5.10 the workflows passing through the main (first) Start Event was logged, as well as its passing through any End Event (going through the Start Event of a sub-process is not logged, but passing through a sub-process's end event is).

Yesterday I tried the upgrade to v5.11 and now the behaviour of the logging of start and end events suddenly seems completely erratic. I have one unit test class, containing 5 test methods, where the main/first start event is logged three times and twice it is not. If I run the methods individually, none logs the start event.

A look at the source code did not really give me any idea as to what the intention is with Start (and End) events and logging under the default setting for HistoricActivityInstance logging. Can anybody explain what the "policy" is in v5.11?

Thanks in advance