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FormProperty retrieval of boolean value returns null

Question asked by sistemasmunicipales on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by sistemasmunicipales
Hello, I'm quite new to Activiti and am currently integrating it to a GXT project. I have problems retrieving form properties of boolean type.
The values seem to be recording ok in the data base (the engine stores 1 or 0 to long_ field according to true or false values) but when i want to retrieve the value from the engine, it always returns null. Tried with Postgres and MySql, no difference. I did a web and forum search but couldn't find any post with this problem. The server side language is java.
I'm storing FormProperty values in a HashMap<String, Object> and the boolean values are stored obviously as a Boolean object via setVariables(id, map) method.
I have tested how information is retrieved in client side (GXT Checkbox) and how it reaches the server and it's correct, the map contains boolean values.
All other data types (enum, date, long, string) are stored and retrieved correctly.
The integration with TaskService, IdentityService, HistoryService, etc are also working correctly.
I would appreciate any help or guidance to how to solve this problem because I can't find any explanation to it.
Thanks ind advance