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Different content found in activiti-explorer.war v5.12 and m

Question asked by hmartim on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2013 by hyapit
Hi folks.
Yesterday I downloaded Acviti 5.12 zip bundle from the website.

After zip extraction I decided to compare activiti-explorer.war with maven artifact activiti-webapp-explorer2.war (

I expanded both wars into different folders and used kdiff3 to compare both.
Then I found a lot of differences:

1) /diagram-viewer/js/jquery/jsTools.js

2) /META-INF/maven/org.activiti/activiti-webapp-explorer2/
   (different generation date)

3) /WEB-INF/activiti-standalone-context.xml
   Zip bundled war added <property name="generateReportData" value="true" />

4) /WEB-INF/lib
   The following JARs have different file size in bytes:

Are both artifacts produced by the same build process? Witch one is the correct one to deploy in production?
I have the intention to customize the explorer using the maven artifact activiti-webapp-explorer2.war and maven-war plugin overlay as tool.