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a value is not displayed

Question asked by tomi87 on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by tomi87
I have the problem that, the Activiti explorer doesn't display the value of a variable:

This is my xml code for the variable:

<userTask id="sendInformationsFromTheProfessors" name="send informations from the professors" activiti:candidateGroups="DoEE O">
      <activiti:formProperty id="studentName" name="Student name"
         expression="${studentAppInfo.studentName}" writable="false" />
      <activiti:formProperty id="emailAddress" name="Email address"
         expression="${studentAppInfo.emailAddress}" writable="false" />
      <activiti:formProperty id="homeUniversity" name="Home university"
         expression="${studentAppInfo.homeUniversity}" writable="false" />
      <activiti:formProperty id="homeDepartment" name="Home department"
         expression="${studentAppInfo.homeDepartment}" writable="false" />
      <activiti:formProperty id="targetUniversity" name="Target university"
                        expression="${studentAppInfo.targetUniversity}" writable="false" />
      <activiti:formProperty id="targetDepartment" name="Target department"
                         expression="${studentAppInfo.targetDepartment}" writable="false" />

      <activiti:formProperty id="advisorList"
         name="Advisor names with email" required="true" />

And the Problem:
The value is still in this variable in this step:

I don't change or do anything else with this value.
I don't get an error message.

No userTasks can display the value of this variable.
Do anyone has an idea ?