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AbstractProcessValidator & AbstractExportMarshaller

Question asked by alessiogiori on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by alessiogiori
Good morning,

I'm developing a project based on Activiti Designer Extensions with Custom Tasks.
The first part of the tutorial works fine.

Then, I've followed the part for process validator and export marshaller but I have few doubts:
1) I'va created the plug-in with Eclipse PDE and it runs, but is not clear to me how to trigger the export procedure. Since in "Menu Bar: File->Export" nothing new is added by the plug-in.

2) The tutorial does not show hot to create a custom process validator and to trigger it without the export marshaller. Is it possible? Maybe to run each time the users saves the BPMN file? Or by right click on the file in the Eclipse package explorer.

Best Regards.