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Event-based Gateway in Unit Test

Question asked by gokceng1 on Mar 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by trademak
I've an event-based gateway in my process. In one outgoing flow of it there is a timer and in the other one there is a message catching event. I'm executing timer event by calling


After my process ends(I thought this way), I've checked if there are any stray processes left:

List<Execution> executionList = processEngine.getRuntimeService().createExecutionQuery().list();
assertEquals(0, executionList.size());

I found that there are 2 executions left, one is the process itself and the other one is execution of event based gateway. I don't know it is normal or not. If it is not, how can I make that event-based gateway execution ends when the process ends?

PS: It is bad that I can not search 'event based' words in the forum. So maybe this question is asked before but I couldn't find.