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Missing getter for activityID on Execution-Interface?

Question asked by sebastian.s on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by jbarrez
Hello folks,

we use our own custom-built visualization component to render BPMN 2.0 process diagrams and to visualize process state during process execution. To achieve the latter I query for all active tasks belonging to the process instance in question and retrieve their IDs. This is done using a TaskQuery. I then pass this list of IDs into my visualization component which then highlights the tasks in question in the process diagram. In addition I am using a HistoricProcessInstanceQuery to retrieve the IDs of those end events which haven been reached already. Thus I am also able to highlight them. This works like a charm.

Now to my problem:

I started using event-based gateways in my process definitions and I am wondering if there is a straight-forward way to query for "active" event-based gateways (= those still in wait state). I took a closer look at it and right now I cannot think about a way.

I noted down the ID of my event-based gateway in the process definition and I was able to locate the matching entry in the ACT_RU_EXECUTION-table since the ID is stored in the column ACT_ID_. Now my idea was to not query the tasks anymore but the executions since these also seem to include the event-based gateways. But there is no way to retrieve the ID stored in ACT_ID_ since I am missing a getter to retrieve the ActivityID or the activity itself.

It seems I found a workaround to this which I don't like very much: I am casting the Execution returned by the ExecutionQuery to ExecutionEntity which then allows me to retrieve the ActivityID by calling getActivityId().

Do I miss something or is there really no way to retrieve this information?