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put 'null' to ProcessVariableMap

Question asked by dognose on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by dognose

for a save method of tasks i'm iterating over a list of available ProcessVariableKeys and using the
runtime service to flush variables without completing the task:

for (String varName : processVariableKeyList) {
   runtimeService.setVariable(businessProcess.getExecutionId(), varName, processVariables.get(varName));

This works perfectly fine for all variables.
However, if the user "removes" a entry from a Input, that is converted to a Double OR Date OR Long ….
The Converter returns "null" for that value, and therefore calls


processVariables.get("someDate") afterwards will however return the PRIOR value of the date / double ….

Is this a known bug or expected behaviour and im doing something wrong?

processVariables.put("aDouble", 50.0); //works
processVariables.put("aDouble", null);
System.out.println(processVariables.get("aDouble")); //returns 50.0

Working with activiti 5.10