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Update form Property value using REST

Question asked by sarkar92 on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by stormspirit
Using Activiti REST API I'm able to get form property of a task.

How can set form property value using REST API.

below my activiti form

 <activiti:formProperty id="firstName" name="First Name" expression="${firstName}" writable="false"></activiti:formProperty>
          <activiti:formProperty id="lastName" name="Last Name" expression="${lastName}" writable="false"></activiti:formProperty>
          <activiti:formProperty id="groupName" name="Group Name" expression="${groupName}" writable="false"></activiti:formProperty>
          <activiti:formProperty id="decision" name="Do you approve the request ?" type="enum" required="true">
            <activiti:value id="true" name="Yes"></activiti:value>
            <activiti:value id="false" name="No"></activiti:value>

I am not able to set value of "decision" in form property using REST.
using REST how can I set value of my form property??

Please help