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ActivitiException: this activity doesn't accaccept signals'

Question asked by shrinivas.mujumdar on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by shrinivas.mujumdar
Activiti Error: Signal receive task after a parallel gateway results in "ActivitiException: this activity doesn't accept signals".

Please see the attached process flow diagram.

Consider two workflows after receive task,
Flow 1: ReceiveTask2->ServiceTask2
Flow 2: Call Activiti (this also has a wait task)

Scenarios 1: If Flow 2 completes before Flow 1 then the execution id for ReceiveTask1 and RecieveTask2 are same and via API call we can give signal to this activity. This works as expected.

Scenario 2: If Flow 1 completes before Flow 2 then the execution id for RecieveTask1 and ReceiveTask2 are different and if we try to signal RecieveTask2 via API we end up getting an error "ActivitiException: this activity doesn't accept signals" as the execution ids are different.

Question: We are not able to understand why the execution ids differ in both scenarios? Why it depends on the flow completion? It should be same in both case.

Sorry I am unable to upload Image file for some technical reason.