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NativeTaskQuery listpage

Question asked by vvstraet on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by jbarrez
According to, there should be support for pagination (listpage() operation) for native Queries in version 5.12.

However, when trying to use this, I find the NativeTaskQuery API:

package org.activiti.engine.task;

public interface NativeTaskQuery extends org.activiti.engine.query.NativeQuery<org.activiti.engine.task.NativeTaskQuery,org.activiti.engine.task.Task> {
and the NativeQuery API:

public interface NativeQuery<T extends org.activiti.engine.query.NativeQuery<?,?>, U>   {
    T sql(java.lang.String s);
    T parameter(java.lang.String s, java.lang.Object o);
    long count();
    U singleResult();
    java.util.List<U> list();

No listPage() to be found on these interfaces …

My maven imports are - I think - correct to import Activiti 5.12:

     <!– Activiti –>

Am I missing something here or is this feature really not implemented?