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Adaption of the Designer

Question asked by norberts on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by tiesebarrell
Heyho Folks,

I'm totally new to Activiti and just started 2 days ago to even look closely at it so please forgive me if I don't have the total insight yet.
So the thing is, I'm supposed to adapt Activiti for my thesis. For that I have to customize the palette and extend the designer itself through verification, own diagram models and so on.

The first question that came to my mind after reading the user guide about adapting was:
Can I customize the palette using a plugin and not just library dependencies? Just because it's more convenient to just install the plugin and not set the customization jar additionally. So I looked at the extension points, found it (dependency org.activiti.designer.integration), customized it and tried to run it. But nothing happened, I guess because there is no schema for the extension point org.activiti.designer.eclipse.extension.PaletteExtensionProvider (if that is the right one)?

Secondly I just tried to write my own verifier since I guess I'll need it later on. After seeing that this one is also not called (and the schema for the validation extension point is also not found) I found that topic here:, so far so good. I have some time but it would be a shame if I have to change Activiti myself, just to have that feature inside of my thesis time. So please activate that again!  ;)

Thirdly, I have to transform the diagram into an internal representation to run analyses on it later on. Any suggestions on that? I mean, I can write an exportMarshaller but that doesn't seem so good since it's supposed to be totally internally. And I can transform the diagram every time in a verifier (if used for analyses) or just do it once through a command handler and then run the verifiers on that somehow manually.

I also searched for coloring or kind of marking of diagram elements and found an old thread (I think from 2011) where someone wanted it but then nothing happened. I guess that guy had no time or not the mood to do it. Is there any progress on that? I would need to color the diagram dynamically after running an analyses to mark the wrong elements. Surely can I do that just through the provided info/warning/error markers but graphically would be neat to.

I think that's for the questions so far. As I've said, I just started to take a look at it and the requirements are kind of fuzzy so far but I just wanted to raise these questions to get an idea about with what I'm dealing here. :)