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Designer field definitions - what is what?

Question asked by ericsnyder on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by udoderk
I have looked in the docs, on the web and in the forum. I am looking for a explanation of what the form field settings are. For instance, below I have listed all the field settings and what my guess is regarding what they do. All my questions are in bold.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone in the know could help out with answering these noobie questions.

Thanks in advance, I'll greatly appreciate it.

Id: like a variable identification
Name: What is displayed as the label for the form
Type: data type - legal values: string, long, enum, date, boolean
Expression: ???
Variable: ??? I *think* this is the variable to store the value in. It takes the format "${variableName}" without the quotes???
Default: The default value displayed in the form. As far as I can tell you may not use a variable here.
Date pattern: A pattern for formatting the date.
Readable: Is the field readable??? Not sure when you would use this???
Writeable: Can the field value be changed?
Required: Must be filled in with an appropriate value to submit.

Form values:
Id: ????
Name: ????
(I have no idea what these do or what their legal values would be)