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A couple newbie questions on Activiti.

Question asked by simonsharry on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by ronald.van.kuijk

I have a couple of newbie questions on Activiti.

1. I'm unable to understand how to seamlessly and – ideally automatically – integrate Activiti's forms and UI inside another, pre-existing Grails-based application. By 'seamlessly' I mean ensuring that Activiti-generated forms and UI have a look and feel that is identical to the main application (that is using Activiti in just a small portion of it).

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

2. What I additionally cannot seem to understand and appreciate is how Activiti (and even process modeling for that matter), that sort of employs a whole programming language in its own right (that maybe is only XML-based but still a language of sorts!) to define processes, going to make me productive as a programmer. I do fully understand that Activiti would provide me with an out-of-box persistent state management functionality. But other than this, what else would I as a programmer be missing if I were to not use Activiti? It seems to me that I could perhaps stay within the language/framework of my host application (which is Groovy+Java+Grails) and make aggressive use of object-orientation, AOP, and meta-programming techniques to come up with 'something' that would quickly allow me to model business processes.

So, basically, I'm seeing not much point in the effort of partitioning my solution part into Java/Groovy/Grails (the platform used by my host application) and part into Activiti when the latter doesn't allow its automatic blending into my host application's UI and so which I must manually carry out.

Would greatly appreciate if someone could clarify what I'm missing above in my understanding of Activity and BPMN in general. Note that I will have no use-cases of Activiti being used by non-programmers in my organization. Meaning, no use of Activiti Modeler by business staff; only use of Activiti Designer or even raw XML-editing by programmers!

Many thanks in advance,