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ProcessEngineConfiguration + LdapAdapter

Question asked by desperado on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by sanghaviamit
Hello Activiti Community,

i just want to introduce myself before asking for any help.

About me:

My name is Michael and i am c programmer ( shame on me :-) ).
So i'm new to the java world. Although i can follow object oriented languages like
c#,c++ and java, but i will have to spend a lot of time to know all about the tools and frameworks
the java world provides.

So, sorry if i wont use right terminologies or simply show a big lack of knowledge at some places.

So, here i go…

My Task:

My first task i want to solve is an LdapAdapter for the Activiti Engine.


I have already read some tutorials and even found some solutions like


tutorials about,
spring bean injection…and all the stuff i think i should know about the basics about
what is going on in the task.

That would be enough to make my first step. But unfortunatelly there is a barrier i
simply cannot overcome.

My Problem:

The ProcessEngine Configuration and the injection of the necessary stuff.
It might be trivial, but playing around the last days and weeks with different
Activiti Engines from 5.9 to 5.12 there seem to be a lot of changes.
Like the UserManager,GroupManager do not exist anymore ( i think they are renamed
now to UserEntityManager … correct me if i am wrong)
Finally i was not able in any version to configure the Process engine correctly and
get it to run.

My Goal:

The setup and tools i use:

- tomcat 7.0.39 ( out of the box )
- Activiti Engine 5.12 ( simply deploying the wars into tomcat)
- LDAP Apache Directory Studio
- postgres DB

So, my first goal would be to implement like the given links, an LdapAdapter that
is able to authenticate users via ldapServer.
There are left some other topics like DB / Ldap synchronization

So, i would start from scratch, step by step and hope you can guide me where i am
going wrong.

But anyway, the thing where i am most interested in is, where to configure the
process Engine because i saw a lot of variants in the web, and none worked for me,
or maybe i made mistakes in all places, lets see, any help is appreciated.

Michael  :)