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Question asked by ericsnyder on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by ericsnyder
I want to write a report that gives an expandable list (tree) of all tasks and information about jobs at that task. Example -

Say we have three tasks in a process (task1, task2 and task3). the report would look like this:
- task1
      Job 27   Kermit, Fozzie
+ task2
+ task3

Basically it would be a list of who has what task for management purposes. Obviously the design pattern for this report could be reused to create a list of what users have what tasks:
- Kermit
      Job 27   task1
      Job 22   task3
+ Fozzie (3 items)

It looks to me like the database table ACT_RU_TASK would be a good place to start. My question is that I have read the documentation on reports and it looks like there is some report capability. You can create bar chart, pie chart, line chart and a list. I assume that the list is a simple list without tree capability.

My thought is to get the default process engine from Explorer get the data and build a page using Vaadin. Could someone please give me their thoughts on this?