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Begginers Guide Needed - How do i get the sources up and running

Question asked by hagendasz on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by frederikheremans1
Hi !
First of all, let me say, that i really like the idea of activiti being an open source BPMN2.0 Engine for Human Interactions!

So with a lot of enthusiasm for Open Source and lesser knowlegde, i started to read, try and error…
aiming for an environment to get behind the scenes…But after several evenings on research, I'm getting more and more frustrated…

My "activiti in action book" takes 4 weeks to be delivered, and is outdated before it was ordered.

Working examples are hard to find, usually there is a pitfall like
- needed commercial JRebel Licenses or
- the needed modules in maven are not documented or
- dependencies on eclipse are not solved…
Deprecations, Warnings, Different MakeTools, Versioncomplications and Errors all along the way…

activiti might be mighty, but where can i find the docs to get this up and running?

alfresco says, it won't support automated ways of Workflow Design, but i cannot affort dozens of Thousand of Euros
just to evaluate the maturity of a new technology on a senior consultant level

I thought, Mr. J. Barrez made the right step with his handy Dr. House iPad Example based on activiti-rest and Alfresco, but there is no source telling how to get the activiti-rest Server compiled and how it will talk to the Alfresco Community Server …

When will this technology get out of the shadows of secret societies?

I can offer my spare time to write down a Beginners How To for people like me,
but who can help me to get along on this trail?

Camunda forks activiti, Alfresco doesn't integrate the workflow deployment into the alfresco community,
This is sad, because this threatens the progress of workflow tools beside the SAP/Scheer world.
i believe in open source and the success of activiti in the next years, so please help me to get it up and running!

Thanks in advance