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Engine abstraction for simulation engine

Question asked by gromar on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by gromar
Activiti is able to emulate its work ( I would like to implement simulation engine to simulate BPM platform (WF engine, users, events…). I would like to take similar approach as was used for activiti.
AFAIK Activiti does not support implementation of non process (e.g. simulation) engines. I think the basic difference between process and simulation engines is that process execution is driven by process definition (which is static) and simulation scenario execution is driven by simulation event list.

1. How to use core activiti engine classes to implement simulation engine?
2. Currently I am copying and changing ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl and engine core to be able to run simulation scenario. What should be problem there?
3. Is there any plan to have meta engine ( to be able to implement process, simulation … engines)

Thank you in advance for answers.