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User Task Reassign :Claiming the task failed

Question asked by udoderk on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by shuchi
Hi Activiti Developer,
i try the user task reassign feature
( see also as basis)
Brief: kermit is ordered to group A. fozzie is ordered to group B. Only groups are used on business process.
Now, if fozzie receive the user task. It DON'T claims such user task, but reassign to gonzo.
After reasigning this already reassigned user task will be not disappear by fozzie. The "Claim" button will be not deactivated.
I logged in as gonzo and complete such task.
Then, i return to browser with fozzie and ckick on "Claim" button. The error message
"Claiming the task failed , Cannot find task with Id …." will be displayed.

P.S i know, that Activiti Explorer is de-facto a demo. Are you planned to fix it?